Ballpoint pen and a Porsche 911 Turbo

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Realistic ballpoint pen drawing of a Porsche 911 Turbo SE. A beautiful rear view of a supercar that is always fascinating in all its versions. Do you like it? Please share it, thanks. Mad Mac (The copyright of the reference … Continued

Graphite drawing of 1961 Jaguar E Type

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Realistic graphite and pencil drawing of the Jaguar E Type, here in race version No. 55 by Martin Melling & Jason Minshaw of 1961. This car has always fascinated me ever since I saw it used by Diabolik, the famous … Continued

Curvy woman on a chair

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A curvy nude woman from behind, on a chair: an interesting viewpoint. For me a particular pleasure in drawing every curve, every softness, every abundance. Mad Mac Title: Point of view Technique: Coloured pencils on paper Tools: Derwent watercolor pencils … Continued

L’amicizia (The friendship)

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One more drawing with ballpoint pen. No women, no nudes but two hands joined with splash of water. Friendship is something impalpable, “liquid”, that you feel on and inside. It’s not easy to find a true friendship, but when you … Continued

Blue Jeans

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So many times I drew with ballpoint pens but never so “fine” and with the blue one (except when I was doodling in school books). I see that this art form is very popular and I tried to make my … Continued

Japan Girl

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Lots of sensuality and erotic power, in this underboobs view of a naked, sexy Asian girl. Colored pencils on Strathmore paper to enhance the strokes of light. Mad Mac Title: Japan Girl Technique: Crayons on paper Tools: Derwent crayons Strathmore Toned Tan … Continued

Put the mask! BDSM pencil drawing

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2020: a year that will be remembered for the global COVID-19 pandemic. Infected. Asymptomatic. Quarantined. Dead. So many. There are those who say that it is all false, that they want us to believe it is so. I do not … Continued

Dreaming true love

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Title: Dreamig True Love Technique: Pencils on paper Tools: HB, 3B pencils Fabriano paper 250 g/m2 Size: 25×25 cm A sexy pin-up girl in lingerie lying on the bed with old school tattoos: is she dreaming of true love? We’ll never … Continued

The Mechanism: steampunk ink drawing

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Title: The Mechanism Technique: Ink and watercolor on paper Tools: Staedtler Pigment Liner ink pen watercolors Size: 35×50 cm A tangle of gears, pipes, pressure valves, gauges and cables: “The Mechanism”. Stemapunk-style technology, obsolete as soon as it was born, … Continued

Specchio delle mie brame

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Title: Specchio delle mie brame Technique: Digital ink illustration Tools: iPad Pro 12,9″ and Apple pencil Software: Procreate “Specchio delle mie brame”, this is the translation, in Italian, of the famous phrase that the beautiful queen makes to the magic … Continued

Celebrity pencils portraits

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Title: Celebrity portraits Technique: Pencils on paper Tools: 2H, HB, 4B, 9B Caran d’Ache pencils Fabriano paper 350 g/m2 Size: 35×50 cm Drawing a pencil portrait always excites me, it allows me to get into the smallest details and give … Continued