Stefania Ferrario drawing

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Stefania Ferrario Model

Digital drawings with pencil

iPad Pro 12,9" and Apple pencil


Don't call her 'plus size': Stefania Ferrario is one of the most combative models in the battle against standards and beauty labels in fashion. She was the one who refused to be classified 'plus size', simply stating: "I'm a model, not a plus size model - I'm a FULL STOP model!"

Born in Camberra to an Italian mother and an English father, Stefania is the testimonial of Dita von Teese's lingerie line and is at the forefront of all those initiatives in which there is to fight against stereotypes.

I perfectly agree with one of his tweets that later became a slogan for boundless beauty: "Sexy is a state of mind, not a dress size".
As an Italian I can only be proud of this explosive, perfect pin-up woman, both modern and classic, and painting her, for me, is a great pleasure. I'll make more.

Mad Mac

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