Drawing a woman

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Drawing study curvy girl, ink pen.
Click on image to see my sketches.

My curves

Pencils on paper

Hb and 2b pencils
Pigma Micron pens
Fabriano paper 250 g/m2

about 13x26 cm

Far from the patterns often for years imposed by fashion, I like working on shapely, but more real, more authentic, more “normal” women.
With quick strokes, sketchy nuances, strong and weak lines, I try to sketch, draw and study female curves.
This, for me, is always a moment of concentration but also of relaxation. Often the result is not good or, sometimes, it is beautiful as it is, it does not need anything else.
I need this to get good results when I paint but it is also my way to venerate the woman, as the marvelous creature of the Earth.

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