I'm Maurizio Colangiuli, aka Mad Mac, I'm born in 1966.
After 4 years at the school of accountancy (wanted by my parents), driven by a passion always suppressed, draw and paint, I decided to change school, starting from the first year of the Artistic High School closing it with excellent results.

Afterwards I worked for many years in the advertising sector, first as an illustrator, then as a graphic designer and art director but, as soon as possible, I dedicate my heart and soul to my passion.

In the meantime I created the pinupart.it web page and the social page on Facebook, which today boasts more than half a million followers.

Always fascinated by art, design, painting and all that is vintage, I choose my subjects based on what I am passionate about most: from the female body and pin-up to vintage automotive art and racing lifestyles, up to the wildlife and landscapes.

Mad Mac • Pinupart.it